Event Gebyar Semarangan Tribun Jateng bersama Cleo Pure Water

At least 3000 participants of Tribun Jateng Gebyar Semarangan with Cleo in South Semarang District follow the healthy road on Sunday, May 14, 2017. This event was held thanks to the cooperation between Tribun Jateng & Cleo. The number of participants reached 3000 people based on the number of tickets sold. Residents are very enthusiastic to follow this event.

The peak of Tribun Jateng Gebyar Semarangan event with Cleo at South Semarang Subdistrict office, the draw prize is 1 unit of motorcycle Yamaha Mio M3.

The atmosphere seemed tense, when the Head of South Semarang, Sutrisno, took the coupon. Before taking one of the thousands of coupons in a glass box, Sutrisno directs the participants to pray.

"Pray first, let's random, the luckiest one on the bike," he said before taking out a lottery. After praying, Sutrisno began to take 1 coupon. The lottery number is 000701 on behalf of Jaronah.

And Jaronah ran to the stage happily and shouted "Alhamdulillah I won !". Jaronah has no inkling of this. Shortly after going up to the stage, Sutrisno asked Jaronah to use the gift of the motor. Jaronah plans to sell it.

Jaronah is an employee of a boutique shop in Jalan Seroja, Semarang Tengah. She was a widow with no children and her husband died.

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