Jalan Sehat Sambut Ramadhan bersama Cleo Pure Water

The spirit of Batu city residents in welcoming the coming of Ramadan is very proud. This is seen from their animos following the various events Tarhib Ramadhan held this year.

Just for example, the activities of Jalan Sehat Sambut Ramadhan resulted from the cooperation of Harian Surya, Pondok Pesantren Kanzun Najah and PT Sariguna Primatirta. Thousands of people thronged the new event for the first time. They look enthusiastic even though a long distance.

"This is an example of good activity, how to welcome Ramadan with a positive spirit, exercise, and unite the people," said Vice Governor of East Java, Saifullah Yusuf when dispatching participants.

Healthy road yesterday followed 1500 participants. After walking along the route as far as 5 kilometers, residents entertained with religious music and doorprize lottery. They can also enjoy bazzar food available on site.

Gus Ipul took time to review the pesantren Kanzun Najah. He had a dialogue with the locals, as well as serving those who wanted to take photos together. Mayor of the Rock, Dewanti Rumpoko also present donated 1 unit of refrigerator.

Before the healthy road, a series of activities to welcome Ramadhan yesterday filled with tabligh akbar on Saturday, May 20, 2017 tree alms and the provision of garbage box assistance.

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