Cleo never stops innovating to provide all the best for the country. On August 2nd, 2019 we officially launched the exclusive product “CLEO PLATINE”. The Grand Launching Cleo Platine was held at Vasa Hotel Surabaya and was also attended by Maudy Ayunda as CLEO Brand Ambassador.

Cleo Platine has gone through various processes of development and innovation for 2 years until it is complete to be launched in Indonesian society. “Platine” comes from the word Platinum in French. Cleo Platine comes in a more premium, elegant and dynamic design, a collaboration of art and technology which is in line with the lifestyle of modern society.

Cleo is committed to providing a perfection in the whole process because we understand that the Indonesian people deserve to get the highest quality of drinking water. With Cleo Platine, now the Indonesian people can enjoy the purity of Cleo with a different experience.