The COVID-19 outbreak that has hit Indonesia has increasingly felt its impact on domestic economic growth. This condition causes people with low economy to experience difficulties.
Our passion for sharing and providing support continues to grow through various programs & efforts such as:

  • “Social Assistance for Pre-Prosperous Families Affected by the Covid19 Outbreak” in the form of basic food items that we continue to distribute in various cities in Indonesia
  • “Cleo Together For Good” in the form of Cleo pure water, hand sanitizer, masks & PPE for frontline fighters at the Hospital
  • “Cleo Rumah Sehat” which opens up business opportunities for the community to become a distributor of Cleo drinking water around their housing in an easier and more efficient way
  • Various new Cleo product packages that make it easier for people to get Cleo drinking water
  • Educate the public through digital campaigns about the importance of maintaining cleanliness and health for the prevention of the corona virus

We believe that all parties can play a role to help break the chain of the spread of the corona virus. So, let’s continue to support our programs and efforts!