Indonesia is a tropical country that is prone to forest or land fires which can directly affect the condition of reduced rainwater catchments so that the potential for landslides and flash floods. In 2019 there was a land fire on Mount Arjuna. This is certainly a matter of concern considering Mount Arjuna is a water catchment area for the Pasuruan and Malang.

In order to #BaktiKamiUntukBumi PT. Sariguna Primatirta, Tbk participated in preserving the environment as a form of our concern for the sustainability of nature by collaborating with environmental activists (Yayasan Satu Daun), LMDH Ngudi Lestari and local farmers. We planted 8,000 trees on Mount Arjuno on 22 December 2020. This is a concrete step and a continuation of what we have planted in 2019, 7130 trees.

The types of plants planted on 19 hectares of land on Mount Arjuno during the 2019-2020 period consist of several types, ranging from plants that are able to return water back into the soil such as persimmon and also plants that bind the soil so that erosion is not easy, such as mangium. In addition, there are also productive plants that are planted as an additional form of economic benefit for the surrounding community, such as coffee, avocado, orange, etc.

Although this conservation was carried out during a pandemic, it did not obstacle us from doing good to others and nature. By adhering to health protocols, movement #BaktiKamiUntukBumi can run successfully. Through environmental conservation activities, we hope that we can contribute to nature to avoid negative impacts that can be felt by the company or the general public especially around Mount Arjuno.